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Abundant Nursing Opportunities in New Zealand: A Great Pathway to Residence

In the wake of New Zealand's border reopening last year, the country has become a magnet for trained nurses worldwide, with a remarkable influx that is reshaping the healthcare landscape. Recent statistics from Immigration New Zealand reveal a notable surge, with over 6000 visas approved since July 2022.

The Impact of International Nurses:

Current data highlights that nurses from India, closely followed by those from the Philippines, dominate the statistics. They have enthusiastically seized opportunities across various visa avenues, including accredited employer work visas, skilled migrant visas, resident visas, and straight-to-residence visas.

This surge comes as a timely response to the critical shortage of healthcare professionals in New Zealand, with a report from the New Zealand Nurses Organisation indicating approximately 5000 vacancies nationwide.

Our Experience

Over the past few years, we have successfully facilitated the relocation of numerous nurses to New Zealand, particularly from the UK, South Africa, and Asia.

Unlike some immigrants on the skilled migrant pathway who face challenges finding work without being in the country, nurses often navigate this process more smoothly. Many of our clients, having obtained registration with the NZ Nursing Council, which can be arranged offshore, have secured roles through Zoom interviews while still in their home countries. Subsequently, they have arrived in NZ with either a work or residence visa.

However, for those contemplating the move to NZ, it remains crucial to understand eligibility and the optimal pathway to success. Therefore, we recommend booking a consultation with us. Through this, we can design a tailored strategy for you, providing insights into:

  • All available migration pathways.

  • The best strategy to turn your migration goal into a reality.

  • In-depth discussion about the process and associated costs with relocating.

If you would like to have a consultation with us you can book this here:



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