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Your Pathway to Residency Through Investment

Are you interested in becoming a resident of New Zealand? The New Zealand Government provides a unique pathway to residency for individuals with the means to make a significant investment in this  country. At MILNZ, our experienced team has assisted some of New Zealand's most notable migrants in obtaining residence under the investor category. Led by our principal expert, Tim McSweeney, we are dedicated to managing the complex and time-consuming process on your behalf.

Assessing Your Eligibility and Crafting Your Strategy

Before diving into the details of New Zealand's investor visas, we start with a comprehensive assessment of your eligibility. Our goal is to determine whether you qualify for an investor visa; and, if you do, design a personalised strategy tailored to ensure the quickest possible attainment of your immigration goal.

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Investor visas can be complex, and the potential for issues is high. Many challenges arise from insufficient attention to the funds nominated for investment. Therefore, it is vitally important, from the outset, to identify and provide evidence of how these funds were earned or acquired.

At MILNZ, we have a deep understanding of what Immigration New Zealand evaluates during the application process. We work diligently to ensure that your documentation meets all requirements before submission, minimizing the chances of complications and delays.


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Navigating a partnership visitor visa can be complicated. At MILNZ, we take great care in helping you with this process. If you're interested in visiting New Zealand on a partnership visa, our experienced team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Active Investor Plus Visa - Your Ticket to New Zealand Residency

In September 2022, New Zealand introduced the Active Investor Plus Visa, an exciting opportunity for individuals looking to invest and secure residency. This visa is designed to incentivize direct investment into New Zealand firms through a unique weighting system that rewards applicants for their 'active' investments.

To qualify, applicants are required to invest between NZ$5 million and NZ$15 million, depending on their choice of investments, which can include:

  1. Direct Investment into Private Businesses: This type of investment carries the highest weighting, at x3. An applicant could meet the required investment amount by placing NZ$5 million into New Zealand private businesses.

  2. Investments into Private Equity or Venture Capital Funds: Private funds receive a weighting of x2, making it possible for an applicant to meet the criteria with an investment of NZ$7.5 million if their total investments were placed into this asset class.

  3. Investments into Listed Equities and Philanthropy: These types of investments are also acceptable and can be used in conjunction with the options listed above. However, they receive no additional weighting and are each capped at 50% of the NZ$15 million investment requirement.

In addition to the investment criteria, applicants must spend at least 117 days in New Zealand over a 4-year investment period and meet an English language requirement equivalent to IELTS 5.

Embarking on the path to New Zealand residency through investment is a significant decision. At MILNZ, we are here to guide you every step of the way. Our expertise, dedication, and commitment to your success ensure that your investment leads to the residency you desire.



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Immigration Lawyer


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Senior Consultant

Head of Asia Business


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Immigration Lawyer


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Immigration Consultant


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